Texans over Steelers. And Colts, and Titans, and Jaguars…

I am a very big Houston Texans fan (as if you didn’t know by the rest of my posts).

I know a person who is an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan. (It just so happens, she’s my English teacher.)

As one might imagine, personalities clashed. I won, as did the Texans, despite shooting ourselves in the foot multiple times, and I thanked my lucky stars that I would be the teaser instead of the teasee. (But, since she’s my teacher, you know I would be a gentle teaser.)

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The Houston Texans won 17-10, on what should have been 24-10 at least, if not 31-10. Danieal Manning is now the bane of my existence, while Johnathan Joseph might have had the unluckiest football game in a long while.

I’m sure you guys saw, or heard about, the last play of the half between the Steelers and the Texans. Danieal Manning blocked the kick, and Joseph picked it up with a clear line to the end zone with only a kicker and a punter within 5 yards of him. So what does Danieal Manning do? Celebrate by blocking the punter in the back. Sigh.

And then, later in the game, Joseph picks off the throw from Ben Roethlisberger, and runs into the end zone, essentially finishing the game. Except, there is another penalty, this one on J.J. Watt. (See both the plays; go to 1:13 and 2:52)

How discouraging. My foot really, really, hurts.

However, Jason Allen got a pick a few plays later, and we squeaked it out.


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Season Predictions – 2011 Season

This is how my NFL Predictions go. They may be biased and horrible, but I’m sticking with them:

“X” is made the playoffs, “Y” is wildcard, and “Z” is first-round bye.



1. x-Philadelphia Eagles – 10-6

2. Dallas Cowboys – 7-9

3. Washington Redskins – 7-9

4. New York Giants – 7-9


1. z-Chicago Bears – 13-3

2. y-Green Bay Packers – 11-5

3. Detroit Lions – 7-9

4. Minnesota Vikings – 6-10


1. x-New Orleans Saints – 10-6

2. y-Atlanta Falcons – 10-6

3. Carolina Panthers – 8-8

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 5-11


1. x-St. Louis Rams – 10-6

2. Arizona Cardinals – 9-7

3. San Francisco 49ers – 7-9

4. Seattle Seahawks – 5-11



1. z-New England Patriots – 11-5

2. y-Buffalo Bills – 10-6

3. New York Jets – 7-9

4. Miami Dolphins – 5-11


1. z-Baltimore Ravens – 14-2

2. Pittsburgh Steelers – 9-7

3. Cleveland Browns – 9-7

4. Cincinnati Bengals – 2-14


1. x-Houston Texans – 11-5

2. Indianapolis Colts – 6-10

3. Jacksonville Jaguars – 6-10

4. Tennessee Titans – 5-11


1. x-San Diego Chargers – 9-7

2. y-Kansas City Chiefs – 9-7

3. Denver Broncos – 6-10

4. Oakland Raiders – 5-11

NFC Playoffs:

Wild Card-

Green Bay Packers over New Orleans Saints

Atlanta Falcons over St. Louis Rams

2nd Round-

Green Bay Packers over Philadelphia Eagles

Chicago Bears over Atlanta Falcons

NFC Championship-

Green Bay Packers over Chicago Bears

AFC Playoffs:

Wild Card-

Houston Texans over Kansas City Chiefs

San Diego Chargers over Buffalo Bills

2nd Round-

San Diego Chargers over New England Patriots

Baltimore Ravens over Houston Texans

AFC Championship-

Baltimore Ravens over San Diego Chargers

And the winner of the Super Bowl is…


Baltimore Ravens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They squeak by 23-17 over the Green Bay Packers.

Aaron Rodgers throws two touchdowns, but fumbles with 1:37 left in the fourth quarter while tied 17-17 when he gets destroyed from the blind side by Ed Reed.

It gets returned for a touchdown, but the go-for-two is stopped short, making it 23-17.

Aaron Rodgers fails to mount a last drive, and the last Hail Mary is batted down.

Joe Flacco decides to not go to Disney World, and Ray Lewis beats up three guys in the victory parade.

The fans really couldn’t care less.

Sorry Colts. Kinda.


It is a team that has been laughed at (See: 2010 secondary), kicked around (See: 2005 season), and just totally destroyed by opposition (See: All-time record against Colts).

Until now.

In the offseason, we have picked up the second best free-agent cornerback, Johnathan Joseph, and also one of the best free-agent safeties in Danieal Manning.

So when the Colts get destroyed today, (this was written before 1:00 e.t.) and fans ask themselves why, the answer will be this:

The Colts cannot begin to comprehend how tough it’ll be without Peyton Manning. Kerry Collins is half as good as Manning. The Colts picked Collins up in case Manning missed games due to injury, but what if Manning misses an extended period of time? He is already set to miss the first game, against the Texans. How many games can a 38 year old replacement quarterback play? Their only other backup is Curtis Painter who, in two career games, completed 8/28 for a 28.6 completion percentage, threw no touchdowns, two interceptions, and fumbled, which was recovered by the opponent for a touchdown.

What’re they gonna do?

I’ll tell you what they’ll do. They’ll try to weather the storm for a year and then pick a quarterback with a top draft pick.

And the Texans are poised to take the division, and hold it.

We shall do the laughing, the kicking, and the destroying.

And we WILL make the playoffs.

84 Days and Counting

The owners of the NFL teams have met with NFL Player’s Association executive director DeMaurice Smith.

According to Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the league, it went well.

They met before U.S. Magistrate judge Arthur Boylan, who told both sides to keep quiet.

The lockout is now in its 13th week, and the fans are unhappy. They want deals with their draftees, and more deals with free agents.

Smith met with Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones, to name but a couple of the more well-known owners. Apparently Goodell was encouraged by their tones, and he is optimistic that the lockout will end soon.

The lockout started at 11:59 on March 11.

I’m annoyed with the lockout and I think that we need to settle our disagreements now.